Civil Law - Parity - Fairness - Respect 

dove of peace flying 1084228 400Australia is pre-dominantly a secular multicultural society. Cohesiveness is based upon common values so ethics based upon human and civil rigths is important amongst such a diverse population. Australia has both the oldest continuing culture in the world, and yet is one of the newest nation states with a large proportion of overseas born and first generation overseas born citizens.

Australia as a whole is still developing its own unique cultural traditions.

The Commonwealth Civil Marriage Celebrant Program was established in the early 1970s and was a world first. Since then, independent civil celebrants have contributed in many ways to harmony in our multicultural society with inclusive meaningful ceremonies, where issues that can be divisive such as religion, race, gender etc. are minimised.

Equality for Celebrants Inc aims to:

  • support the continued development of civil celebrancy as a profession
  • facilitate a range of strategies to enhance the role of civil celebrants in a range of community-based initiatives
  • lobby for parity, fairness and respect for all marriage celebrants and the marrying public In the Marriage Act 1961
  • support programs and strategies that promote and uphold civil and human rights for all people in Australia.

 Equality for Celebrants Inc is an incorporated non-profit association of civil marriage celebrants, civil celebrants and others willing to work together to achieve these aims.

We are reaching out to others willing to be committed to these goals.

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