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Celebrants for Equality Inc is a non-profit association of current and retires Commonwealth Subdivision C marriage celebrants and other people who support the aims of this association.

The condition of membership is that answer YES to all the following statements 

  1. Do you support the continued development of civil celebrancy as a profession?

  2. Are you willing to facilitate a range of strategies to enhance the role of civil celebrants in a range of community-based initiatives?

  3. Are you willing to lobby for parity, fairness and respect for all marriage celebrants and the marrying public In the Marriage Act 1961?

  4. Do you want to address the anomalies, inequalities and discrimination in the Australian Marriage Act that affects:
    1. civil couples
    2. independent civil celebrants? 

  5. Do you support programs and strategies that promote and uphold civil and human rights for all people in Australia.

  6. Are you willing to join and support an association whose aims are to achieve the above?

    I understand that my acceptance and continued membership as an EFC member is purely at the discretion of the EFC Coordinator, and that ECF is currently an unincorporated association.


Fees will be determined when the associations is incorporated.

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