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39FB Celebrant registration charge: consequence of non-payment

(1) If a person has not, by the end of the charge payment day, paid an amount of celebrant registration charge that the person is liable to pay, the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants must, as soon as practicable after that day, send the person a notice in accordance with subsection (2), unless the Registrar considers that the notice should not be sent at that time because the person’s liability to pay the charge may be affected by:

(a) the outcome of an application for internal review of a decision to refuse to grant an exemption; or

(b) any other circumstance of which the Registrar is aware.

Note: Depending on the outcome of matters referred to in paragraph (a) or (b), it may turn out that the person is not liable to pay the charge.

(2) The notice referred to in subsection (1) must:

(a) advise the person that, because the person has failed to pay celebrant registration charge, the person will be deregistered as a marriage celebrant after the day specified in the notice

(being a day that is at least 7 days after the day on which the notice is sent); and

(b) comply with any other requirements prescribed by the regulations relating to the content of the notice, or how it is to be sent.

(3) The Registrar of Marriage Celebrants must deregister the person as a marriage celebrant by removing his or her details from the register of marriage celebrants as soon as practicable after the day

specified under paragraph (2)(a).

Note: If the person wishes to become a marriage celebrant again, the person may reapply under section 39D.